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Spending free time in Poland some years ago

My parents when they were my age, same as I went to school, played with colleagues and helped their parents in house works . My mother had a dog that … Continue reading

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Freetime and Sports in Flers At Flers there are several sports like : Football Handball Bowling Swimming Basket-ball Table tennis Cycling Horse riding Boxe Volleyball Fencing At Flers there is … Continue reading

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Karolina, Poland

Hey, I wanna tell you about free time today and in the past. Today people waste their time for computer games or TV. A lot of children are adicted to … Continue reading

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Hello from Poland – our free time

Hi, I’d like to tell you what I like doing in my free time. First of all I like playing tennis with my friends from my training team. When the … Continue reading

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Victor, Norway

Hello, In this email I am going to tell about young people does on Varhaug. I will show pictures and explain what the different activitis we do and what I … Continue reading

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Sondre, Norway

Teenagers in Varhaug – Free time and interests Greetings from Norway. I would now like to tell you something about what is typical to do for the teenagers in Varhaug. … Continue reading

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Morten, Norway

“Hello, it’s me” Hello people in the world. In this mail I want to write a bit about what people in the local area do, and what I do myself. … Continue reading

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