Teens Cultural Exchange

My Easter and the Norwegian Easter

Easter for me is to just relax and have a good time with family and friends. While it’s Easter we always have a lot of candy and soda. We just relax and do whatever we want to do. In Norway it’s quite normal to go skiing or visit a cabin. Not many people really do anything special while it’s Easter. Many parents work while their children are at home from school in the one week while it’s Easter. While people are out skiing, they often cook some Easter eggs out in the wild. A lot of people also eat oranges and a chocolate called Kvikk lunsj.

I did not do much this Easter. Most of the time I was at home, relaxing and playing video games. I and my dad worked on my car, and we started to repaint and set the engine back together. I ordered some parts to my car, and my wallet is starting to get really empty. I and two friends did go to a mountain to go snowboarding. It was my first time snowboarding so I wasn’t that good at it. My two friends are a lot better than me, so I got bored after some time. But it was fun to try it at least. At the end of the Easter my sister came to visit me and my parents. My sister and her kids stayed at our house for one week. And this is what happened to me 90% of the time while I was snowboarding.



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