Teens Cultural Exchange

Easter in Varhaug and Norway

The Easter in Varhaug is very traditional. We have free from school, maybe around two weeks. That is very nice. Families often go on mountain trips to go skiing. Others go to a cabin and celebrate the Easter there. However many people choose to celebrate it at home, and enjoy the holiday. Obviously there is always someone that has to work.

It varies what people do around in the local area, but some teens are going on trips with their family. Others are staying home and work. Then we have the gamer/lazy guys. They are just not giving a shit about anything, and just play games all the time. Last of all you have the party lion. Teens like that are partying all day long, for the whole holiday.
My friend and I both worked this Easter (as supersede for the farmers). I personally went on a short cabin trip a couple of days. What I did there was basically to chill out as much as I possibly could. I think that when I first have a vacation, I have to use it to the fullest. I went on a mountain trip one day, and another day I was out on the sea, chilling in a boat. I can assure you that it was very exciting. As good as every night we had a little party, self explanatory how that goes, Easter celebration!

In Norway, the Easter is generally built up of cabin trips, with a chocolate called Kvikk-Lunch. Families often have a lot of fun in the holidays. They go on mountain trips and go skiing. Once again, it is very important to have this chocolate with you. Likewise as the chocolate, it is just as important to have Clementine with you. Basically thBunnyere are three things that are crucial to celebrate the Easter in Norway, and that is the Kvikk-Lunch chocolate, Clementine and some kind of trips that includes snow.


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