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Easter in Norway

The Easter in Norway is an important holiday for the Norwegian people. Many people in Norway use to celebrate this holiday by travelling with their families to their huts or cottage in the beautiful nature of Norway. Other people like to stay at home just to relax and enjoy the holiday together with their family.

Easter is associated with several different traditions in Norway. In Easter, we eat a lot of eggs. Often we remove the contents from the eggs so that we can paint them with different colours and patterns. Then we decorate our rooms with them. In shops, we can buy Easter eggs. That is a kind of egg-shaped box that contains different types of candy. It is also common to decorate with yellow Easter chickens.

Typical activities in the Easter in Norway is skiing in the mountains, walking along the beach, between the woods or mountains or reading books. These are well-known traditions that many people in Norway use to do in the Easter. Other activities are using time to hang out with our friends, gaming and watching TV.

Some people might travel farther away from their homes. For instance, they will use the holiday to fly to other countries. Some people travel to the Alps in Switzerland, where they can go skiing, other people flies farther south, for instance the warmer Canary Islands where they can swim in the ocean. Other people just like to stay at home with their families. So many people in Norway work so hard, so they have a need to just stay at home and relax together with their families.  Here is an example of a hut in the nature of Norway.

Cabin 2
The Easter for me is to be able to relax and do the things I like to do. I did not do very much interesting this Easter holiday. I felt very exhausted from all the schoolwork, so I was just relaxing at home with my family. My parents had time off from work, so we could be together in the Easter. Unfortunately, they rented a cottage in “Sjernarøy” Because of that I had to follow them on a two days trip to that place. It was at first a bit boring. I could not play on my Playstation! But after a while it was nice. It was good to be outside and feel the nature. Here is a picture from “Sjernarøy” and the cottage we rent:

Sondre cabin


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