Teens Cultural Exchange

Easter 2016 in Norway

We are going to talk about what we did in Easter, and the traditions we have. I Elise Marie have been in Denmark and participated in a handball tournament. When we were there I played for Varhaug, girls 15 years old. When we played, we lost in the semi-finals. When we lost I was quite sincerely saddened.

I Anders have basically done nothing but lounge around and played video games. I don’t know much about Easter myself so I just did what I sometimes do, and my family just had a lot of candy. But we didn’t do much else since they’re busy with other activities.

I Camilla have been on a trip to Sweden. When I was in Sweden I bought many cool things and I was even on Ullared. Ullared is a very popular shopping center in Sweden. When we were driving to Sweden, we drove with the caravan. We were driving with my uncle, aunt and my nephew and my friend. After we were in Sweden we drove to a place called Mandal. I really love Mandal.

The most common tradition In Norway for Easter is to go on a hiking trip. Eat oranges and eat a Norwegian chocolate which is called “Kvikk Lunsj”. It’s Meaning is Quick Lunch. We do also paint eggs for the Easter. When we make Easter eggs, we boil the eggs in a bowl of water and onion.  Our Easter holiday is usually very long and we have normally vacation for a week.

When Elise Marie was a little girl she went on an Easter egg hunt. They were searching for the hidden Easter eggs around the woods. We also exploded eggs.

When Camilla was a little girl she was outside by the ocean and boiled eggs. She just loved spending time with her family.

When Anders was a wee lad, he searched for scattered Easter eggs and sometimes played a bit of cricket with some other family members. And sometimes we grilled some very good meat.

At last we hoped that you guys liked what we wrote. We love you guys. And btw. We just want to say that we love the new face swap on Snapchat. So we decided to take a picture of the group with it. Cheers from Elise Marie, Camilla and Anders.



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