Teens Cultural Exchange

Easter in Poland

12910561_242739359404708_807501360_nMany people at Easter time go to grandparents. Polish children and teenagers look for Easter eggs and presents. On Wet Monday most people splash water onto each other. On Great Sunday Polish people go to church to hollow Eastwer basket. In the basket are: sausages, Easter eggs, bread, butter, salt and pepper, Easter cake and Easter sheep.

At my home Easter time we spend together. At Easter morning I also go to my grandparents house and we eat breakfast. Next we look for presents. (Dominika)

In the Easter morning first I search for presents. After this I eat breakfast with my mum, dad, brother and grandmother. After this I have some free time and at 2 p.m. we go to my cousin for dinner. (Wojtek)

At my Easter time I go to my grandmother. I go to church and later I eat a lot of Easter food. I always get funny presents. On Monday I splash water onto my family and friends. (Mikołaj)

byDominika Pospieszyńska, Mikołaj Zmarzły, Wojtek Malec, Eryk Socha



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