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HI, these are some of our favorites singers and groups.



Music in Flers, France
Hi, I’m Jade and I’m going to present my favorite French groupe :

Casseurs Flowters.

Casseurs Flowters is a groupe of 2 French rappers, Orelsan and Gringe. They type of music is rap.
The 2 singers met in Caen and started rapping in the begging of 2000.
My favorites songs are « A l’heure où je me couche » and « Dans la place pour être ».

: Nekfeu.

Nekfeu is a french rapper, his real name is Ken Samaras. He has 25 years old today. He made his first album « Feu » in June, 8th 2015.
My favorite song is « On verra » .
Hi, my name is Jade, I’m 15 years old. I am going to present my favorite singer : Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is a american singer, his type of music is rap, hip-hop and r’n’b. He has a little girl called Royalty, that’s why he just released an album called Royalty, for his daughter.
My favorites songs are : Bitches N Marijuanna , Loyal , Fine By Me, Ayo and Zero.

: Sia.

Sia is a australian singer, his type of music is rock, pop and dance.
My favorites songs are : Fire meet gasoline, Chandelier, Titanium, Bang my head, Alive.

Fréro Delavega !

Fréro Delavega is a French group native of Gironde, composed of two musicians-singers Jérémy Frérot and Florian Delavega. They were in particular known thanks to the season 3 of The Voice and on the Internet. They took out their first album in 2014.
Les Fréro Delavega are 2 bestfriends, Florian Delavega and Jérémy Frérot. This boys are famous because they did « The Voice » but they didn’t win the TV emission.
Florian is 28 years and Jérémy is 25 years old.

The first album came out the 21 july of 2014 and the second « Des Ombres et des Lumières » came out in 2015.
The most famous songs, in the first album, were « Sweet Darling » and « Le chant des sirènes ». In the second, was « Ton visage ».
They perform in many cities in France like Paris, Rennes, Lille, Rouen… And also in Belgium.

They are famous by songs as : – Le Chant des sirènes
– Mon petit pays
– Sweet Darling
– Mon héroïne

Jérémy Frérot : Jérémy Frérot was born on March 17th, 1990, in Bruges in Gironde.

Florian Delavega : Florian Delavega, of his real name Florian Garcia, was born on June 12th, 1987.

Vauloup Julien
Guérin Baptiste
Daft Punk

Daft Punk is a french international band. Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuek De Homem Christo are the only members of this band. Nobody know how their faces looks like, that’s maybe why they are that famous, they are kind of mysterious. The band has been known in 1993. they do electronic music.
Their first album was homedone and they have written 5 albums.

We really like Kendrick Lamar and more particuliary his last album To pimp a butterfly. His song King kunta is my favorite

Hugo M
Hugo B
Adam H


This group is composed of 2 brothers, Ademo and N.O.S ( Tarik and Nabil ) They are French and they come from Algeria.
They have written 2 albums ( QLF and Le Monde Chico ), they don’t have any labels.
Our favorite song is Mexico. They don’t want to do any f.e.a.t

Anika and Camille

David Guetta

David Guetta it’s a french DJ and music producer. The must famous song it’s «Hey Mama» with Nicki Minaj, « Titanum » with Sia but aussi « Dangerous » with Sam martin « Bad » with Showtek. He is 48 years old, he have two children with his ex-wife Cathy Guetta.

Tryo is a French group of reggae created in 1995. It is composed of four singers: Guizmo, Christophe Mali, Manu Eveno et Daniel Bravo . Their first album, «Mamagubida», came out in 1998 and five albums followed this one. Their songs are engaged in many causes, especially in their third album «Grain de sable» where they talk about, for exemple, the effect of drugs in «Apocalypticodramatic».
Tryö is a french musical group, and like their name say they are four (french joke). Tryö do ragae music, their most famous song are: “L’hymne de nos campagnes” and “Désolé pour hier soir”

Their first album was Mamagubida in 1998 this strange title is composed of the first syllable of theire nickname.

Jean Jacques Goldman
Jean-Jacques Goldman was born on the 11th october 1951 in Paris. He has 6 children. He’s french author, songwriter, interpreter and producer.
He was in many song groups, but it’s when he sing alone that he has created his success. He sing since 1975 but he is again loved of french people like for example he was the celebrity favorite of french people in 2012, 2013 and 2014. At the end of 2012, he is the third artist who has sold the more records in France with 33billions albums and singles sold like « Quand la musique est bonne » or « je te donne ».
Sandberg Alice, Hergault Marie, Gesnouin Célestine.


His name is Martin Mussard, he was born on febrery 25th 1990 in Dieppe.
His musical type are Reggae, roots rocker, raggamuffin and hip hop.
We love this artist because he has a beautiful voice and we like this type of music


We listen to a lot of rap music like Bigflo et Oli. A popular rap group, they are two brothers that make hip hop style rap and they are also good at freestyle
Antoine Aubin – Baptiste Veillard


Oldelaf is a french comedian singer. He sings Le monde est beau and la Tristitude. He played on several groups before became solo.

A bit of classic

Erik Satie

Erik Satie was a composer and a french pianist. He was born on May, 17th of 1866 and he died the July, 1st of 1925. He is known to compose gymnopedies in 1888 and gnossiennes in 1890. He plays in the music hall. He was srange ; he bought seven times the same outfit. He visited rich people but when he died, we discovered that he was living in apartment that was common. He met Paul Verlaine, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.


4 comments on “MUSIC IN FRANCE

  1. lars kår rangen
    April 4, 2016

    very nice


  2. Anders
    April 4, 2016

    it was a blast, im not that into rap so im not going to be able to give a good verdict on those, apoplogies. but the rest i did thouroughly enjoy, especially the Le chant des serenes. it was catchy


  3. Jesper Lerbrekk
    April 4, 2016

    i did not like your musik, its was hard to understand and the melodi was just totaly wrong


  4. Sondre Olsen
    April 4, 2016

    I was just listening to one of the songs to Casseurs Flowters. It is not my type of music. The music contains action and great entertainment. So I do understand why People like it.


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