Teens Cultural Exchange

The Main Level

TML1Our favorite band is The Main Level. They are 3 guys from Bergen. Their name is Alexander Instøy and he is 22 years old. The next is Laurent Kelmendi and he is 22 years old. And last it is sander Helmers Olsen and he is 20 years old. They started their band in 2013. But we have been fans since 2014.

The person who listen to The Main Level is mostly from 13-18 years old.

Their started their carrier with covering songs from celebrity’s. And after that they got to be the join Isac Elliot on save a girl tour. After they were on the save a girl tour they got popular and released their first single called blackout.

Our favorite The Main Level song is “My girl”. “My girl” is about theTML2 most amazing girl you’ll ever imagine. Everything is perfect and you just want to show her for the whole world. We like “My girl” because the song and the text are very moving. The text speaks for itself and it is a very beautiful song.

Here is the link to “My girl”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp7ZF3dbIdI

We like The Main Level because they are very good to sing and they are very cute. We want you guys/girls to check out The Main Level site.

Here is a link to their official website: http://www.themainlevel.com/

The Main Level is also doing something called TMLF (The Main Level Friday). On TMLF they are showing the fans what they have done the last few days or weeks. They also update the fans about how it in on the concert and stuffs like that. TMLF is also a kind of a miniseries. It has 8 episodes. And a new episode is coming in the next month.

Here’s a link to TMLF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs4GnVyhBIk&list=PLLcT7tNlUtzxhpfjhgDjxMHRUYDI6p3LU

Hope you guys want to check out this band.

Made by Elise Marie and Camilla


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