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Silo og Saft

Silo og saft


«Silo og saft» is a band that produces country and rock music. The band «Silo og saft» means Silo and juices in english. The band started in 1999. In total they are 3 artists. The band «Silo og saft» is not a huge famous band that is known in a big area. It is a very small band that not so many people are listening to. The band is most famous among older men around «Jæren».

The band has concerts at venues around the area that the band belongs to. The texts they have in their songs are about typical things that often happens on «Jæren», the area the band belongs to. The artists in the band have their focus on music and entertainment that is adapted to the group who are listening.

Based on my taste of music, I think that «Silo og saft» is a little bit boring. I am 15 years old. It is not the type of music that teenagers usually are listening to. The reason for why I chosed this band was because their songs are based on much humour and entertainment. It is a kind of humour that I like. Many teenagers like the band because of this, the humour and entertainment.

Extract from the song «Skjævelandsbrunå»

This is a story about a little bridge. Once you get there, you should turn. It is only city people who lives there. They claims that they are from «Jæren». But God knows so damn well that the local guys lives south for «Skjævelandsbrunå».

Here is a link to the song:

Silo&Saft, Skjævelandsbrunå

I am looking forward to hear from you and listen to your local music.

Best regard

Sondre Olsen


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