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Karpe Diem

Karpe Diem


This is a band of two boys. They are foreigners and sing about their experience of coming to Norway. A big political topic today is the difference made between class and race. And that is what the song, “White men who pushes 50” is about. Especially in Norway at the time, people talk about the difference between west and east Oslo.


“Hvite menn som pusher 50” = “White men who pushes 50”

In this song they sing about just this, class and race differences.
Translated line from the lyrics:

Mercedes in the garage, flying Ryanair.

The meaning by this sentence or line is that people have nice cars in their garage and still use cheap airlines to save money.



Youtube: Karpe Diem

I think that younger people listen to this band. I find this music enjoying, or some of their song. Not all of them.Karpe Diem.jpg


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