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(pronunciation: “Toones”)

I am a farmerDice

I am a farmer, I drive tractor. I have caps     its stands John Deere on. The caps I have on me indoors and outdoors. Yes, that caps I going to have on me until I dies.

I know much about sheep’s, and
I never been afraid of bulls. I can tell you much about the good grass I have mowed.

It is rare that I and my wife take holiday from the farm, because it is always something we can use our fingers to. If we have little to do a day, we milks by hand!. Yeah, I am a farmer, I am born in the barn. All the life I have stressed to get fed. My first friend was a little lamb. I can remember that I saw when it was born.

I am a farmer, I harvesting and I have a caps it stands John Deere on. Yes, That caps I am going to have on me until I dies.






Who listens to this band and song?

There are many of my friends who like this band. I think many listen to the band’s songs because the band has songs about a bridge, a river, tractor  and a song about two cars. I can tell a story when I was on the local Christian youth team’s ski weekend. When we were traveling home from the ski weekend, the bus driver had an IPod he played a song on the radio in the bus. That was a song about a bridge. That bridge was about that if you came there you had to turn because over the bridge it was “bad” people who lived. On the refrain all the people in the bus sang loud and I think it is a good song to sing aloud with other people. When someone asks for a song to listen to, it is always someone who says this band.

I would say people in the age 15-23 can listen to this song, and also in the local community.

Theme in the song

It is how it is to be a farmer, what they do when they have little to do.

My opinion about the band

I like the band because he sings about things like “Farmer”, “Yatzy” and “Two cars” That’s my songs that I like because of what he sings and about the mood in some of the texts.

I hope you liked the song and enjoyed this!




One comment on “Tønes

  1. maggivaggi
    April 4, 2016

    This is good work!!!!!!!


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