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During Christmas holliday, we eat turkey, foie gras, and a lot of meals. We drink champagne.

We decorate the Christmas tree with baubles, stars, garland.

Most of the time, it’s snowy during the Christmas hollidays.

We can build snowmans and throwing backiard snowballs.

We open our Christmas presents under the spruce tree with the family. Christmas Tradition


            Near Christmas everyone made a Christmas tree and a nativity scene and somebody put lights out of their house. Before one day of Christmas we eat in family together the tradition is we would eat a turkey, foie gras and oyster often is very filling and after we eat lot of chocolate. On Christmas day we put slipper under the Christmas tree and the present would near our slipper. In the big city there is Christmas market where you can buy specialty from all the world.



Chistmas tradition


A lot of French, celebrate a Christmas party on the 25th december. The Christmas tree, chocolates, and the family are important for this party. Generally, the french preparing a Christmas tree and so decorated and her house on the first week to december. The Christmas catalogue come in house and afer we prepare chrismas list for Santa Claus. Everything city, village are illuminated in blue, ref or yellow …. It’s beautiful. Near the church there is the nursery.



There are also to the Christmas market selling all kind of decoration of Christmas, the Santa Claus takes picture with the children and gives sweeties and many other things. The evening before, we leaves shoes at the foot of Christmas tree. On the tables we leaves an orange for the Santa Claus for thanks warmly.


On Christmas Eve, we eat with our family.

That is a list of what can be find on our table :

– Foie Gras,  Caviar, Homard, Buche, Turkey, Champagne, Salmon

At christmas, in France we have some traditions : during the month of december, we have and advent calendar and everyday we open a new case to discover what is behind.

In general it’s chocolate but we can buy or craft many types of advent calendars.

In the cities, there are decorations in the trees and between the buildings.


People are also decorating their window and sometimes their house fronts.We can also see decorations in some gardens.


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