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Hello from Poland – our free time


I’d like to tell you what I like doing in my free time. First of all I like playing tennis with my friends from my training team. When the weather is fine I also like cycling or playing football with my neighbours. I usually play computer games on Fridays after school and at the weekends I also play board games with my family for example: scrabble or monopoly or dixit. Every year during winter holidays I go to the mountains to ski and during summer holidays I swim in the lake , play table tennis and go for summer camps. What about you?

Wojtek Malec


Hello everybody,

What do I do at my free time?

I have a lot of activities, so time which I spent out of school couldń’t be really called “free”,but I choose ways of spending my free time to make me feel happy and proud of myself.

A big part of my spare time take sport. My favourite is basketball. I train in a club 4 times a week. Besides basketball,I enjoy playing handball and voleyball. I have handball once a week and unfortunately,volleyball,only during my PE lessons. Even if I’d really like to train,I just don’t have time for it.  Apart from the sport activities,I have English lessons twice a week,and on Saturdays,after basketball, I go to a library with my friend to play board games. One of my favourite things is spending time with my friends and family. When I have a totally free time,after doing my homework and learning about the subjects we had on the previous lesson I read science and historical magazines,books,chat online,surf on the Internet,play with my two cute guinea pigs and watch documentary-historical programmes. My favourite is a polish one; “The sensations of the XX century” by Bogusław Wołoszański. Generally speaking,I like to widen my knowledge in different and nice ways.


Małgorzata Okorowska


I’m interested in gaming, and films. I like reading good books, and playing computer games. In my free time I sometimes study. I often go out with my friends.

Best wishes,

Bartek Roczniok


Hi everybody,

I usually spend my free time cooking or baking. When I have a few minutes I like to read a book or magazine. I always surf the Internet when I get home from school. It is really relaxing. I don’t have much time after school so I go for a meal with my friends or I go to the cinema during the weekend. I also go to after school clubs where I paint, learn more about the biology and science. I really like playing handball and volleyball after my classes.




Hello everybody!

I want to tell you how I spend my free time.

I love read books so at my free time I often read them. My favourites are Percy Jackson and last olympian and Rangers apprentice the emperor of Nihon-Ja. If I don’t read books, I watch  TV. I love romantic comedies and action films.

So that’s it.

Bye Dominika Pospieszyńska


Hi everybody,

In my free time I love doing sports, so I practise light athletics three times a week. I also bake (especially cakes & cookies), ride my bike or read interesting books. I like helping others, that is why I often do voluntary work. I enjoy watching my favourite TV programme about interior design called „Dorota Was urządzi”.

Natalia Pleczyńska


Natalia Pleczyńska


Hello everyone!

I’ve got a lot of hobbies. One of them is reading. I like science fiction, fantasy and adventure books the most. I’ve read many great series like Hunger games, Maze runner or Divergent. My second hobby is taking pictures. I prefere photographing small things and details. Nature is often my inspiration. My next hobby is drawing with a pencil. It started when my dad bought me a notebook with a quote: “If you don’t make mistakes, it means that you don’t do anything”. I decided that I’m going to draw a horse in it. It wasn’t looking as I expected, but I understood that I just need more practise. I also like baking cakes, cookies and other sweets. In the future I’d like to learn how to make french macaroons.


Basia Macuk




In my free time I like playing the keyboard. I love listening to music, usually in radio. I go English lessons to English School in Gdynia twice a week. Once a week I go to the Caritas in my school. I’m a volunteer and I like helping people. In Friday I go on Spanish. I enjoy reading interesting books and playing with my dog. At the weekend I often meet up with my best friends. We watch a film, play game or walk in our village. I go to my grandfather and grandmother in Gdańsk twice a month. In Sunday I like going with my parents to Gdynia and we love walk near sea.


Karolina Ewertowska


Hello everybody,

When I have free time I like to spend it outdoors.  I’m very interested in photography. I love to choose in a variety of interesting places. I often take my dog ​​with each other. I love animals. when I have a minute to myself I like to playing on my guitar. although I have little free time I try to use it best. I like to spend it actively and with friends.


Magda Król



My name is Weronika. I’m from Poland. In this mail I want to write about my interests, my hobby and  myself.
I live in Gdynia. I go to junior high school. My best friend is Maya. I have a brother -Mateusz. Next week I will buy a fish to my aquarium.
I like swimming. I took part in a swimming club – Delfin Gdynia. But trainings were at 5am so it was too early for me .
When I finished my primary school I also finished my music school. I can play the cello and the piano. I was there  7 years.
I like dancing. I am a dancer from dance club -El dance. We are dancing modern jazz.
I also like skiing and snowboarding. After last christmas in 2015 I went to Slovakia for skiing holidays.
I am kenn on shopping. Every weekend I go shopping to the shopping centre-Riviera in Gdynia with my best friend.
I love  exercice and run.
I like my school where I gcan meet friends and learn some interesting things.




Hi everyone!

My favourite thing to do in my free time at the weekends is hanging out with my friends, but during the school week I don’t always have time. Other than that me and my friend Weronika go to dance classes once a week. I also enjoy working out at home, going to the swimming pool and also studying Spanish. After I do all of my homework and studying for the night I love checking all of my social media such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat ect. and chatting online with my friends. Bye for now,

Maya Niznikiewicz


Hey, hay, hello!

I have got a lot of hobbies and also not much free time :(.
I have extra English classes twice a week and violin lesson twice a week too. I also have painting and drama classes and scout meeting.
After school I love reading books. My favourites are “Rangers Apperentice”, ” Heroes of Olympus “, ” Paper Towns ” and “Divergent”.
I also like doing sports, so I train running twice a week.
When I can’t spend my free time outdoors, I often surf the Internet, draw or sing (under the shower)
Sometimes I meet with my friends in the shopping center or in a café, and do voluntary work after school.
Julia Gesich

Hi everybody!
I am interested in physics and astronomy. This is why I read scientific magazines in my free time. My favourite one is “Focus” about discoveries in scientific world. My goal is to become astrophysics in future.

In my spare time I like practicing sports. I was a member of the cheerleader’s team in Gdynia and during recent two years I was also attending synchronized swimming trainings. Unfortunately now I don’t have so much time as I had a year ago so I had to resign. Now I attend yoga classes once a week, I’m jogging every day, and I go to a swimming pool twice a week. My preferable swimming style is to dive under the surface as deep and long as possible.

I love reading books. During the holiday I ‘m able to read three hundred pages book daily. I read a lot of series like “Maze runner”, “Lux” or “The Mortal Instruments” but in my opinion the best series are: “Multiversum”, “Delirium” and “Darkest minds”.

Sometimes I meet my best friend Michał (he doesn’t go to my class) and we explore old, abandoned buildings. It sounds dangerous but before we go somewhere we read which places are safe or where we shouldn’t go.

Cheers! Ala Sławska


Hello everybody!
My name is Julia. On my free time I often watch TV and draws. I love drawing! My first picture depicted princess. In the future I want to become a designer, but Ivstill have got a lot to learn. 
On Saturday and on Monday I sail. This is my favourite sport. On Wednesday I play tennis with my friend Marysia. Twice a mounth I cook dinner for my parents, but I bake once a week. I like my free time!!
Julia Pawlak


I wanna tell you about free Time today and in past.

Today people waste their Time for computer Games or TV. A lot of children are obice and adicted to computer or phone. In past people were more active. There was No computers. People often met, and did something together. In past children or teenengers didn’t have problems with their weight. In past people made a picniks or play  football or basketball. Today people are active too, a lot of people Carrry to heathy mood lives.

Karolina Lewkowicz



I usually spend my free time with my friends, playing computer games or going out with them. Also, i love sleep overs with my friends.We are laughing a lot. When I’m alone i like reading books or surfing internet. I’m not really fascinated by any sports, but I like handball most.





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  1. jesper lerbrekk
    January 8, 2016

    you are wery lazy, no one play computer


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