Teens Cultural Exchange

Victor, Norway


In this email I am going to tell about young people does on Varhaug. I will show pictures and explain what the different activitis we do and what I do myself in my spare time. In Varhaug there is a lot of young people that have cars, mopeds, and tractors already. It is very normal to meet up outside a shop called Mixen, and hang out while they are inside their cars. A lot of young people also meet up at a place called “Mission” or Ungdomslaget. The most popular sports in Varhaug are football and handball.

In my spare time I usually do different things, it depends what time of the year it is. In the summer I usually use to play football and cycle around and be with friends. I have to hobbies that I often do. I and some of my friends often go into a place called Bryne and plays pool. The second hobby I have is to work on my car at home. I and my dad recently bought this car, which is going to mine when I am 18 years old. I used all the money I had and bought it. My father helped me to have enough money to afford the car. Here is a picture of the car:Victor car.jpg

It is a beast looking car, if you ask me. It’s a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. It came to Norway in 2011 from California, USA. I and my father is going to repaint it and do some changes inside it, and when I am 18 it will look amazing and I can drive it myself. It is very special to own a car like this when you are only 15 years old.

Often when it is windy and rainy I often go into Bryne and play pool. I and a friend called Sondre has played a lot of pool this year. I have been playing pool since I was 7 or 8 years old. I am pretty good in pool and always beat my friends at it. My father was one of the best in Norway at playing pool and another game called snooker. My father has taught me everything about pool and some about snooker. I usually beat my friends at pool and snooker, but I also lose some games. This is a picture of the place where I and my friend is playing at.Victor pool

The last thing usually do at this time of the year is to play some videogames. Now I just play Black Ops 3 or bo3. If some of you play bo3 on PlayStation 4, we could have a one vs one on bo3. Just send me a message on Twinspace, and we could play. I am prestige two and level 27 now.

Victor CODBest regards Victor.


One comment on “Victor, Norway

  1. Ania Leszczyńska
    January 20, 2016

    That is great what you wrote about the car and about repainting it etc!


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