Teens Cultural Exchange

Sondre, Norway

Teenagers in Varhaug – Free time and interests

Greetings from Norway. I would now like to tell you something about what is typical to do for the teenagers in Varhaug. The teenagers in Varhaug are not that different compared to other teenagers, I think. We like to be with friends.

In the weekends, we play with our friends long into the evening. We always figure out things we can do. It can be everything from a bit boring activities to fun and nice activities. We all do different things. It depends on the type of people we play with and what hobbies we have. We are always gathered in a group of many people. We do not exclude people from the group. Everyone is welcome to join! That is very important for us.

Teenagers on Varhaug are known to do many different things in order to have fun. The activities range from ordinary sport to free play outdoor. Many of us teenagers like to participate in sport activities like soccer, handball, basketball and swimming. Some are heading to “Vigrestad” or “Nærbø” which are small places nearby Varhaug. Many of us have family and friends there. Some like to sit up late at nights at weekends with friends. Some use their spare time to study, fix and drive their vehicles. For instance: Their bicycle, scooter or motorbike.

We have that type of teenagers who are healthy, reasonable and social who like to be outside and communicate with friends. We also have that type of teenagers who like to stay home, play computer-games and communicate with friends through social media. In computer-games, we can be social and speak to each other through headset. I am that type of person who like to be home and communicate through social media. I also like to be with my friends, but probably less than what is considered as normal. Some like to be outside more than others. Maybe this depends a bit on how comfortable you are with your parents or your brothers and sisters. We are all getting influenced by the friends we play with. It makes us the type of person we are.

This was a little story about what is typical for teenagers in Varhaug.


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This entry was posted on January 5, 2016 by in Spare time interests.
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