Teens Cultural Exchange

Magne, Norway

My free time and interests

Hi, in this email I am going to write what I like to do at my free time and what other young people around my age do at the free time.

Young people here in Varhaug sit often at a kiosk and chillax. They smokes and thinks that they are cool that they smokes, but I think they are stupid because they uses much money to something that they could spend the money on better things.

I like to be with my friends and work on my brother’s farm.in the weekends. I like to go at the Christian “open house” with a small devotional. There goes it many people on Fridays and Saturdays. Maybe often over 50 peoples on Saturdays when it are drawing lots and “American auction” that they called it.

I like to drive my garden tractor who my father and I owns. My father has built a good trailer to this. Actually the trailer was built for an ATV, but the ATV been broken. I mow with that “mini tractor” and my four year old nephew loves to see me mowing in their garden, also he likes to sit in the trailer when I drives. My 6 years niece also likes to sit in the trailer when I drive.

As you see at
the picture, it is firewood in the trailer. I have split many wood logs.


I hope you liked this email, and I hope I wrote exciting things about things that I like to do, and what other young people does at the free time.


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This entry was posted on January 5, 2016 by in Spare time interests.
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