Teens Cultural Exchange

Lars, Norway

Hello my name is Lars and i am 15 years old and i am going to tell you waht teenagers in Varhaug like to do in their spare time. In our spare time we like to hang out together and chill in our rooms. We also like to drive our mopeds because they are fun and they go fast.

Here in Varhaug there is a lot to do, for example have ding dong ditch on a crazy man’s house. In Varhaug the people with cars and tractors sit at a place called bøen, where they sit and talk for hours.

Teenagers also drive and drift with their cars, so if you would like to watch drifting then you should come here, they drive in parking lots because there is no traffic there and because they do not need a long road to do it on.

They also blow up stuff with firework, the most fun stuff to blow up is mail box.

I hope you enjoyed my thing.


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