Teens Cultural Exchange

Jesper, Norway


My name is Jesper Lerbrekk, I write this e-mail to show you what I and my friends do when we are not at school.

Many youth work in a farm, take me for a example.

Almost every time I come home from school I go to work, I work in a farm whit pigs and cows. When I am there I am about 1-3 hours day, but when I am there in the weekend in the Jesper farmmorning I am there from 05.30am-07.30am, sometimes I work a little extra about 4 hours extra. In the evening I`ll be there from 15.00pm-18.00pm. Some days the farmer calls and asks me for some more extra work, and that will be all from help new born pigs and to drive a tractor.






Many youth in Jæren (Varhaug) is a kind of a rednecks, we goes in something we call “Haa bunad“.   And we like to fix something tJesper bunadhat has a engine. Like a scooter or a moped.  Like these, these have I and 2 friends fixt, the fastest goes around 100 km/h (not mine) and all mine goes 45 km/h, totally legal ;).Jesper scooter


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