Teens Cultural Exchange

Elise-Marie, Norway

Spare time


My name is Elise Marie and I’m from Norway. I`m going to tell you about what I am and other youths doing in my spare time. I am also going to tell you about what my grandparents did, when they were younger. I am going to tell about three themes I do and what my grandparents did it when they were younger.

The first thing I want to tell you about is handball. I have played handball since I were a little girl (7 years). I am training handball with the girls who is 15 years old. Every girl on the handball team has played since they were 7. We are training 3 days a week and have a match nearly every weekend. When it is Easter vacation we are sometimes traveling to Denmark. When we are in Denmark we are playing handball matches. When we don’t have matches we are just talking and have it fun.

When my grandmother played she played outside but now we play inside. She played for the best team. She played for many years. But when she was younger she hurt her knee and then she stopped playing handball.

The other thing I want to talk about does maybe sound weird, it is hunting. I have been with on hunting since I could walk in the woods. That means I started hunting when I were 5 years old. When we are hunting, it is moose, venison and deer. I am mostly with on moose hunting.  We are hunting nearly our cabins and our cabins are half an hour from Varhaug.

My grandfather and my parents can all hunt. My grandfather was taught to hunt when he was 15 years and that has my family done to.

I do also go with friends and when I go with them we are going on the mall. We are going on malls very much or just a café and sit and speak. After that we are shopping and then going on a restaurant and eat. And now in the Christmas time we are going very much on Christmas shopping. And I really like to do that with friends.

Thank you for listening and I hope you liked it.

Elise Marie Haaland


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