Teens Cultural Exchange

Camilla, Norway



My name is Camilla and I`m from Norway. I am going to talk about the spare time here in Varhaug. It`s a lot of things we are doing, but I just write something of it.

A lot of people are playing handball and football in their spare time. I played football and handball before, but now I don`t play that anymore. When I played football I was very young and I played handball for 3 years, I began when I was 11 years old I think.

In my spare time I just like to go out and meet people or I go out running with some friends. If we are just hanging out, we just talk or buy something. We can buy food or some food so we can make something.

If I don’t do anything, I just watch Netflix or talking to people on Facebook. Sometime I just take care of my little brother, then we are playing outside or with his toys that`s in his room.

The most of the spare time people meet a place and talking. It`s not many who go to a dance, but maybe our grandparents did that when they were teenagers. We are just going to a party with other people.

This is what we do in our spare time 2015. I don`t know if you are doing a lot of other stuff or the same. If I could write all of the things we are doing, it would be a lot of writing and reading.

Thanks for reading this text.


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This entry was posted on January 5, 2016 by in Spare time interests.
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