Teens Cultural Exchange

Anders, Norway

Greetings fellow students.


This email is about what the youth in Norway were up to a couple decades ago and later in our time and then what I’m up to most of the time.

Well most of our youth are either quite active outside or like me more of a gamer (people who plays video games a lot), and then there is the middle boy\girl that has a bit more of both. Of course there are the more… rowdy ones that do some slightly bad things, but all in due time. Most here either game a lot or they work on farms or go around the city having debaucheries (parties where people get quite intoxicated), but it’s not that many that does that. And usually the poor buggers that do that smoke as well.

Speaking of gaming, that’s mostly what I do and I record, edit videos and upload them on you tube I also exercise from time to time. And I also sometimes help out at the farm I live on. I am also a bit in my studies from time to time just to freshen up on some things. And to increase my knowledge on certain subject’s the internet helps quite a bit.

That’s it for me now to my knowledge on the past pas times of my family. From what I know it was a good chunk of working on the farm and then when it was time for self-indulgence it was dancing and sometimes they just did the occasional walk and maybe date. My grandmother used to drive around on a motor bike and go on those dances. But it was still mostly up to what you wanted to do and your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed my summary of the endeavours of our youths, and I cannot wait to se yours.



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This entry was posted on January 5, 2016 by in Spare time interests.
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