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Weather report November in France

Monday, November 2nd

Hi, my name is Julien.

I’m from France and today, the weather was sunny and the temperature was about 14°C.


People are wearing coats but, it’s the autumn and we got a a really nice temperature today.



Weather of Monday, November 2nd

The sky is blue, there is no cloud.

There is no wind.

The temperature is about 18 degrees.

For autumn month, the weather is beautiful.

Of this weather , we do not need to take out winter coats.

Some people go to the high school with coats

Weather forcast :


My name is Marie-Léa.

I’am 15 years old, i live in Normandy in France and today it’s me who does the weather.


Today in France, the weather was good.

This morning there was fog, but this this after noon there was sun.

Moreover, there was no wind and there was  also no cloud.

It was hot for the season because it was about 18 degrees celsius.

Today, peoples are wearning a tee-shirt, a jeans and a jacket with a scarf.



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