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The history of Normandie (3)


Basse-normandy is a region created in 1956composed of 3 departements called Calvados, l’Orne and la Manche. On the 1st january 2016, basse normandy will be regrouped with haute normandie creating Normandie. The biggiste and the principal city is Caen. In Normandie, there are some beautiful monuments like the Mont-Saint Michel.


William the Conqueror (1028-87) was an important man in the history of Normandie. Born in Falaise, he became duke of normie at the age of 7.  He was victorious at the important batle of Hastings(1066) and became king of england and constructed multiple castles in london. In a small town in normandie,bayeu, thern is a tapistry that represents the story of the Batle of Hastings.

The History of Flers:

Flers is a little town situated in the department of Orne, in the region of Basse-Normandie.

The first written mentions of Flers appear in 1164-1179,  in the early X° century, the family of Flers headed a barony. The Construction of the castle of Flers began in the XII century, the actual castle dated of the XVI and the XVII century. In 1901 Julien Salles the mayor of Flers bought the castle for the community. Like a lot of other towns, during the D-Day, Flers was targeted by the bombing to stop the advence of the German reinforcements, so 80% of flers was destroyed.

Our school in the middle of the photo.


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