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History of Normandy 1

The second world war:


    During the Second World War, following the armistice of 22 June 1940,continental Normandy was part of the German occupied zone of France. The channel Islands were occupied by German forces between 30 June 1940 and 9 May 1945. The Allies (Britain, the US, and Canada) coordinated a massive build-up of troops and supplies to support a large-scale invasion of Normandy in the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944 under the code name “Operation Overlord”. Caen, Cherbourg,Carentan,Falaise and other Norman towns endured many casualties in the battle of Normandy.


The 100th war


    During the 100 years  war (1337-1453) the Normandie  was important. Lot of great battles took place there. Jeanne D’arc motivated the troupes to beat the British. After the war she was burn because everybody thinks  she was a witch


Mt St Michel


The construction began during the 8th century. It is place of christen pilgrimage .  Now it s one of the famous monument in France with more than 2 millions visitors every year.




The Normandie was separate in 1956 and to reunified last year.

by Baptiste Veillard


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