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Flers at War. Normandie


Flers is a city at North-West of departement of l’Orne.

In 1936 the population of the commune counted 12 900 and 12 336 in 1946.

During the world war 2, the city became one of the objectif strategic bombing to slow the German the 6 and 7 June 1944. 80 % of the city is destroyed atfer the D-Day for example the church St Germain was completely destroyed there was 90 deaths.

20 % left is released August 16 by 2st British armoued division.

Flers will be under construction until 60s by Pierre Communal and Pierre Boulanger. Morever during the construction a street at the « Les 5 Becs » was named « Rue du 6 Juin », in honor of the D-Day.


Several famous people was born in Flers de l’Orne


François Morel was born in 1959 at Flers. He is a famous french humoriste and actor.


Guy Mollet was born in 1905 at Flers. He was minister of State, general secretary of SFIO.


Thibault Moulin was born in 1990 at Flers. He is a famous footballer. In 2010, he playes in SM Caen and today, he playes in Waasland-Beveren in Germany.


Romain Hardy was born in 1998 at Flers. He is a famous french cyclist runner sponsored by Cofidis.

by Marie Lea Le Clainche


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